Using interactivity to engage

Over the past two weeks I have been on prac, and I have been experiencing new ways to use ICT. I have mainly been focusing on PowerPoint presentations for the students. I have been reflecting on the use of the PowerPoints however, what I can improve and what needs to be changed. At first the PowerPoints were pretty plain, a few pictures, a lot of text and guided along with my instruction. This however, doesn’t work for younger students. So I changed it up a little bit, by adding more GIFs to the slides, more interactive videos, more pictures and less walls of text. The uptake from the students was immediate, the students were more engaged, and when they saw some of the GIFs move I even heard a few ‘wow’ and ‘ooh’. I think that is the point of reflection, being able to step into the shoes of your students and view what might be wrong from their point of view.

Hopefully this helps you all come up with more engaging ways to use ICT, rather than bombarding students with lines of text.


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